About Us


Sistersfield's humble beginnings originated in our not-so-little Quek family of 13 where our dear mama Quek masterfully picked up traditional American recipes from the States where she once lived, Through 3 decades of baking for all special occasions for all her 11 children. Mama Quek has refined her recipes through the years, and passed her perfected recipes of highly addictive cookies, wholesome cupcakes and her infamous red velvet cake (this deserves special mention!) to her children. Yes, Sistersfield was borne from a mother’s love.

The American Style Pineapple Carrot cake topped with Pecans, and Chocolate Kahlua Bundt Cakes are common 'sweet staples' found in our home. If you ever chance upon our little kitchen, the whiff of her fragrant Taiwanese Earl Grey Almond Cookies, melt-in-your-mouth American Nutty Pecan Cookies and bubbling sherperd’s pie will leave you craving for some. Oh yes, we are quite the lucky bunch! While a big part of our charm is our delish, handcrafted bakes, we also hope to channel our mother’s love of baking and fierce dedication to her craft to everyone. Enjoy! 

Taste a little bit of home, taste a little bit of love in Sistersfield.